How To Make A Wooden Christmas Tree


This wooden Christmas tree features a simple and stylish design. The branches can be rotated at different angles or aligned on one plane. The tree can also be used for ornamental or display purposes at any time of the year.

Full build plans (including all dimensions) and the supplies list are available here:

The Wooden Christmas Tree Design

The tree design consists of three main parts:

1. Base - Four squares of wood reducing in size with a hole in the middle for a wooden dowel

2. Trunk - A wooden dowel inserted into the base

3. Branches - Strips of wood proportionally reducing in size with a hole in the middle. Between each branch is a square branch spacer with a hole in the middle.

Building The Wooden Christmas Tree

The build starts by cutting all wood to the desired dimensions. Next, holes are drilled in the branch spacer wood before it's cut into individual squares. It's much easier to drill these holes now, rather than try to secure small squares while drilling a hole. Once all spacer holes are drilled, the individual spacer squares can be cut.

Since there is some glue drying time required, the base is assembled next. This simply consists of gluing the four squares together, waiting for the glue to dry, then drilling a hole in the middle sized to match the dowel trunk of the tree.

Finally, holes are drilled in the middle of each branch sized to match the dowel trunk.

Three basic steps are required to assemble the tree:

1. Insert the dowel into the base.

2. Slide four spacers onto the dowel.

3. Slide all branches on to the dowel while placing a spacer between each branch

That's all there is to it! The branches can also be rotated at different angles for a different look. See the build plans for more images:

Final thoughts

This was a fun project that was completed very quickly. I can think of many other applications for the tree such as shop window displays and decorating an office.