Kiwi Workshop was born from some spare time I had working on home renovations. It was very rewarding to have something tangible to show for my efforts at the end of the day and I found this a refreshing change from day job working as a software developer. With time, I brushed up on my woodworking skills, built a new workbench and built up my collection of tools. After building some of my own furniture and other household items, I was hooked and decided to take my woodworking hobby a step further.

I have two main goals with Kiwi Workshop:

  • Provide high quality handcrafted woodwork built to last a lifetime. I am happy to support consumers looking for quality handmade alternatives to mass produced products that only last a few years.
  • Share what I've learned and hopefully encourage other people to get into woodworking. It's very rewarding when you have the skills to build your own furniture, household items or anything at all. You are only limited by your imagination! 

Where does the Kiwi Workshop name come from? It just made sense for a workshop based in New Zealand where we are known as "Kiwis". There is also a Kiwi touch added to each creation that leaves the Kiwi Workshop, whether it be native New Zealand timber of a bit of Kiwi ingenuity that went into the construction.