Mobile Wood Storage Cart Build - Plans Available


I've needed a wood storage cart for a while and finally got around to building one. I came up with a compact and mobile design, ideal for the limited space in my workshop.

This cart is ideal for storing offcuts and smaller lengths of timber. Storage for large flat sheets was intentionally excluded from this cart for two reasons:

  1. I prefer to store large sheets flat to prevent them from bending (like they tend to do when stored vertically)
  2. Keep the design compact and mobile

The complete build plans for this cart are available on my Etsy Store: Mobile Wood Cart Plans on Etsy

I also created a video of this build: Mobile Wood Cart Build on YouTube

Materials required for this cart:

  • Plywood - two standard sheets of 2.4m x 1.2m x 19mm [8' x 4' x 3/4"] plywood 
  • 4 x Caster (castor) wheels
  • Screws 
  • Wood glue

Dimensions of the cart:

  • Length: 1000mm [ 39 3/8" ]
  • Width: 749mm [ 29 1/2" ]
  • Height: 787mm [ 31" ] (excluding caster wheels)

The build plans include cut sheets that show how to efficiently cut all required parts out of the two plywood sheets. Also included in the build plans are illustrated assembly instructions, exploded view, build tips and measurements for suggested screw locations.

If you don't get the build plans, you should be able to work out how to build this cart by following the video.

I highly recommend this cart if you have a pile of scrap wood that is building up somewhere in your workshop. It will free up space and make it a lot easier to find wood when working on your next project!